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  • Consistently high grades for GCSE English, Maths & Science Grades 4-9

  • Experienced Tutors & Qualified Teachers

  • A Safe Space where Young People Thrive

  • Award Winning Service for Education & Training

  • Online Learning Platform, Bespoke Homework Feedback

  • All Tutors with Enhanced DBS Certification

  • Parents & schools report outstanding progress within 6 weeks

Proven results

Raising the academic outcomes for learners
English & Maths tuition
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Love Literacy has a history of proven successful results in its 12 years of service, including:

  • Student pass with up to Grade 9s in Maths, Science, Literature and English

  • Significantly-improved attainment of students from KS1-5 in all subjects covered.

  • Primary students progress at least one level to working 'at' or' 'above' the expected standard.
  • Students pass 11+ examinations and SATs.
  • Parents and school leaders reporting outstanding progress of primary and secondary-aged learners within 6 weeks of engagement.

High Standards

Love Literacy staff are dedicated to the development of every learner. With this in mind, experienced staff are carefully selected, vetted and specially trained to deliver high-quality lessons.

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Every student gets to focus on bespoke targets catered to their personal development. It is a real joy seeing them work through challenges, discuss ideas with their peers and they return to their respective school classrooms with a greater sense of confidence in their own abilities.

English Language & Literature teacher
Mr Seyi. N.

Raising the academic outcomes for learners

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Founding Director: Ms Zara

Zara Muirhead is an intervention expert and qualified teacher with over 17 years’ experience. Zara founded Love Literacy tuition service; training educators and supporting students to; achieve GCSE grade 9s, enter grammar schools at prestigious institutions, including Eton College. She has proudly supported thousands of students Nationwide in achieving and exceeding their academic expectations.

Co-Director: Mr Cal-I Jonel

Love Literacy is co-directed by qualified teacher Cal-I Jonel Muirhead. Cal-I has been in education and leadership for 17 years, with Media, Drama and English specialism. He has Pastoral and Curriculum leadership through middle management. As a musician, actor and playwright, he is passionate about supporting students in developing textual analysis skills, critical thinking and a love for the Arts. He recognises the important role Performance Art plays in developing rounded individuals.

Specialist knowledge

Groups sizes are smaller than traditional schooling because at Love Literacy, we recognise the impact of small-group intervention on learners' progress. This is supported by the Education Endowment Foundation and extensive research.

Through her Master’s degree in Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties at the Institute of Education (UCL), together with experience teaching students from pre-school age to adulthood, Zara is fully equipped to lead Love Literacy and the results speak volumes.

Cal-I is a trained actor, qualified teacher and digital media specialist. He uses his degree in Media theory to support students' grasp of text and contextual analysis. Cal-I's musical gifts, intwined with his love of literature make him a dynamic contributor to Love Create.


Welcome to a learning community where experienced teachers and staff are both tutors and mentors, training and supporting students to excel. Love Literacy runs a year-long programme, providing weekly classes.


Online Courses


All Lessons Include:
* Qualified and experienced Teachers * Annual registration fee * English, Maths KS1-5 * Specialist 11+ exam classes * Two annual progress reports * Regular homework *Discounted booster courses *Discounted educational trips
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What people
say about us

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  • Gracie Dabz

    Gracie Dabz

    Love Literacy has been such a blessing, my son does the reasoning class on a Thursday and really loves it, Miss Varnica is really great with them and my son has developed such a love for learning and thinking outside the box, I'm so impressed!. Also at the end of the lesson the children get a little interaction time where they tell riddles and do some dancing, it's such a joy to watch how happy and content my son leaves the lesson on Thursdays, best day of the week for him so far. I appreciate you all Love Literacy.
  • Varnika Mogali

    Varnika Mogali

    Through Love Literacy’s emphasis on open communication and collaboration, I have been able to develop my communication skills and work more effectively with my colleagues. Open dialogue is encouraged which has allowed me to ask questions and receive feedback on my work as a teacher. As a result, I have become more confident in my ability to communicate with others and my students. During my initial weeks at Love Literacy, my lessons were observed so that I could receive feedback and develop my own teaching style. This experience allowed me to gain insight into my strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, Love Literacy provides ongoing professional development opportunities as roles are delegated to everyone who is skilled in the area required.
  • Melissa Gulabchandani

    Melissa Gulabchandani

    It has been a pleasure to work with Love Literacy. Words can't describe how much I appreciate the opportunity, training and support I have received, which have led me to be a better tutor and better a person as a whole. Ms Zara is one of the best bosses. I have grown in so many different areas of my life because of her. Because of her support and patience, I have become more confident and my self-esteem has grown. She has challenged me in areas I thought I could not do. In return, I am able to pass this on to the students. Some of the things that she said that motivated me were, " How can I help you to be a better tutor?" "Thank you for your hard work; great job."
  • Niamh M

    Niamh M

    Worked here as an intervention assistant a couple of years back and it was one of the most welcoming and supportive enviroments i have ever worked in. The effort that is put in to ensure that every student feels supported in their studies always goes above and beyond. Am forever grateful for all the experiences and support that Love Literacy gave me.
  • Yuvraj Singh

    Yuvraj Singh

    Love Literacy is a truly amazing place to learn whilst building an excellent community for everyone!

    Update: Following another successful year as both a student and teacher here at Love Literacy, I have been able to learn so much with the help of an amazing team. I cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support!

  • Kiani Rae

    Kiani Rae

    The workshop that I was involved in ran for about 3-4 weeks and replaced my morning briefings; honestly I learned more skills from the love literacy workshop than I did in my briefings, as we had challenges such as creating starters for a student with a specific need for a specific lesson which at the time was useful because as a T.A I wasn’t confident in being able to take charge and use my own initiative to create starters for specific children; so the workshop made me more mindful of different ways I can implement different strategies into my work with students and I was thankful that Zara was taking me out of my comfort zone by letting me know as a T.A my role was equally important as the teachers and that I should be able to liaise with my class teachers on alternative ways to keep students engaged and learning in a calm and safe learning environment...

  • Abdulhamid Abayomi

    Abdulhamid Abayomi

    Love Literacy has been an unforgettable experience - having both been a student here for 6 years, as well as a tutor, the sheer amount of time, dedication and hard work put in by all the staff at Love Literacy has shaped not only my academic abilities, but also my overall confidence. Coming to the tuition in 2015, Ms Zara immediately recognised the potential I had to succeed, as she does with all of her students, and with a combination of her own resources, and words of encouragement, I achieved 387 in my 11+ and 9,9 in both English Language and Literarure. Love Literacy provided me with a support system that wanted me to do well as much as I myself wanted to do well, and for such I am nothing but appreciative. With highly qualified teachers and unmatched resources for all abilities, I couldn’t recommend Love Literacy more...
  • Josephine Boachie-Danquah

    Josephine Boachie-Danquah

    For anybody looking to improve in English and Maths, Love Literacy is the place for you. I’ve seen how Ms Zara teaches the students with passion and zeal to help them excel. All tutors at Love Literacy are very good and professional. Your child’s success is guaranteed at Love Literacy.
  • Olu Jacob

    Olu Jacob

    I joined Love Literacy in year 4 to improve my English skills in time for my 11+. I was taught by the best in Zara and all the other staff who always made sure to assist me with my work through tips on how to improve my vocabulary through useful assignments and books given to me to read. They also helped through consistent essay practice which further helped to improve my English. I continued my studies with Love Literacy during my GCSEs where I was also taught Maths and guided on tips to succeed in my exams. This was evident in my results when I achieved a 9 in Maths and 8 in English Literature. I would like to thank Zara and everyone who’s a part of Love Literacy for the great opportunity they gave me to be a part of this family which always strives for success.

Raising the academic outcomes for learners

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