It’s in the Idiom- Useful Reminder for Parents

I have a bone to pick with you. 😅Just a couple of observations:

Younger students seem to struggle with spellings, particularly of homophone words (sea, see, practise, practice). 

All students (except Year 11s who have set exam texts) should be reading one novel per month. We’ll be re-sharing a list of ‘classics’ soon. 

Maths students need to show their working out and present their work neatly, in order for their exercise books to serve as useful revision material. ➗➕✖️🟰

11+ students are being introduced to idioms. Understanding these expressions within texts and being able to use them within their own writing will be highly advantageous.

Let’s leave no stone unturned 😉 as we work together to ensure our children thrive. (That was an idiom). 

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