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Prepare for 11+ Exams through online classes

Here are some tips which will help your children excel in their 11+ exams. This time is an opportunity to cement your children's foundational English and Maths knowledge, which may seem daunting, but the pointers below will help enable your children's success:

  • Read a range of classic novels such as those listed on the 100 Must-Read Classics list (link here).
  • Daily practise of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Exercise books are available which include practise tests and exercises to help children gain understanding and confidence (link for verbal and non-verbal reasoning textbooks here)
  • Secure spellings up to Year 8. A key stage spelling list can be seen at the following link.
  • Secure Maths understanding up to Year 6. Here's a link to the Year 6 National curriculum outline (see pages 31-34).

In order to continue working on these skills and activities, one struggle can be keeping children motivated. The Smart Kid have written an article on "How to Stay on Track During a Lockdown" (link here) which offers some strategies on prioritising tasks and developing a routine. With these tips and strategies, you offer your children the skills they require to fulfil their potentials in the 11+ exams.


For further 11+ academic support you may wish to consider our intensive 4-week 11+ courses at  www.love-literacy.com which begin from the week beginning 3rd August 2020.


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