5 reasons why tuition can help your child

Studies have cited benefits of small group intervention and its impact on student attainment.

Here are 5 reasons tuition can help your child: 

1) It allows you to extend your knowledge and practise techniques you have learnt at school. 

2) Tuition provides an opportunity for growth, to have your horizons expanded and barriers broken down.

3) Smaller classes gives more opportunities to address individual misconceptions, allowing a more specialised learning experience for learners. 

4) Tuition improves students' confidence as they are able to address issues in a small, less rigid environment. 

5) It allows learners additional time to think, plan, draft, practise and deepen exploration. 

Caution: Not every service is the same. You may want to choose a provider that is run by qualified and experienced practitioners to ensure a quality first supplementary education. 

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