A brief history of Love Literacy

Love Literacy started in 2012 with two students in Romford. Esther is now at University and Daniel just acquired a grade 8 in English Language. Through word of mouth, Zara tutored a few more students and a few more, and before long, realised that she possessed a skill that could not be restricted to the 5 students she then tutored. She had a responsibility to share her love for literacy and my ability to support students to more.


Cal-I Muirhead saw the vision, passion and desire to serve and transformed their office space into a classroom, kitted out with desks, tables, white boards and educational resources- which we call ‘The Learning Space’. Before long, Zara partnered with The Community Centre to take the service further afield. And since then, in a total of 5 venues.

Cal-I and Zara now co-Direct Love Literacy, together with a fantastic team of qualified teachers and highly experienced and trained Teaching Assistants. Love Literacy remains passionate about rigour, raising attainment and impacting lives through education, one life at a time.



“I remain proud of you and your laudable community project. From what I saw, my initial optimism runs wild to eternity for your young learners! Such bold formative-drill-beginnings on "proper" literacy (beyond mainstream provisions by miles) will ultimately produce future capable barristers, budding writers and unparalleled orator-PMs, to mention but just a few.”

Felix, Practitioner


“Love Literacy has been an integral part of my life - it was my first official job when I was fresh faced and straight out of Sixth Form. For three years, I had the honour of working with so many inquisitive and inspiring children. Through online teaching I've been able to return to continue to share my love of Maths. In the same way the students have developed over their years here, I have grown myself in terms of confidence and experience. Being inspired by the amazing tutors that I've had the pleasure of working alongside, I am now embarking on a career in teaching and hope to help many more children reach their potential in the future. Love Literacy is more than a tuition centre, it's a community, it's a family.”

Simran Kaur

Maths and English Teacher



“My experience at Love Literacy has definitely been a learning curve for myself. It’s helped me overcome a lot of social anxiety I’ve built up over my teenage years and has been an amazing experience for me. Working with the students has given me time to learn new things myself and the environment is always supportive.” 



Volunteer Intervention Assistant

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  • Love Literacy began in 2012.
  • It has grown expontentially and organically, impacting hundreds of learners. 
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